A Safe Sanctuary For Our Hearts And Souls …..

…… where laughter and happiness can in the blink of an eye be twisted by the scourge of Parental Alienation into a barren, forlorn and dangerous loneliness. Around the world these events occur daily. This is my story.

A Life Voyage …..

…… marks the completion of many journeys between cradle and grave. The importance and legacy of the Life Voyage, either completed or in transition, will be defined by the skill and tenacity of the traveler to successfully navigate each journey to a safe destination.

On many journeys the traveler will navigate the challenges and opportunities alone.  But occasionally the navigation will be shared with family or friends or lovers. Maybe even by enemies.

To fully recount a Life Voyage is a challenge because it is always evolving. So here in 2019 I begin to tell, and publicly share, the story of my life so far. I will only focus on experiences which I believe will contribute to my legacy.

By that very definition I will become a storyteller to all those people who begin the journey as strangers. This includes my five children and nine grandchildren who have been deliberately kept out of my life for the last 30 years. In the future, hopefully, every one of you might be able to properly assess the importance and legacy of my Life Voyage.

My story, therefore, is a compendium of planned and unplanned journeys. And like many other personal stories will recount places visited, events achieved or overcome and companions met along the way.

Hopefully these companions will have the traveler’s best interests at heart. But sometimes devious attempts will be made to destroy or deflect each journey. The intended safe destination might never be reached. And the resulting arrival might be so far away from a safe sanctuary.

This cruel action might be undertaken not only by enemies but also by family, friends and lovers. So the traveler might arrive, confused and disoriented, at unknown or unexpected places never forecast on any planned Life Itinerary.

During my Life Voyage I have visited places of calm and beauty as well as places of hell and destruction. Along the way I have met people of hope and resilience but on many occasions I have had to confront people of pure evil.

My journeys have been varied. And on each one I have discovered new facets, shades and shadows of life. Too rarely I have marveled at destinations where the sheer sense of joy and happiness is almost overwhelming in its beauty. Many times there have been periods of such darkness and threat that the only life driver becomes survival.

I will discuss many different topics. Maybe some that you, dear reader, never previously knew about. These might include Parental Alienation (PA), Factitious Disorder Imposed On Another (FDIA), Grandparent Alienation (GA), Narcissistic and Borderline Tendencies, Brainwashing Children, Bullying and Emotional Manipulation, Domestic Abuse by a Woman, Friends who became Enemies, Enemies who became Friends, Lost Life Opportunities, Relationships destroyed through Misunderstandings and many other elements of my Life Journeys. In all a very full lifetime.

Sometimes I will celebrate with you some wonderful, good and honest people. Occasionally I will reflect on the negative twists and turns of fate. Always I will share with you my hope and belief for a better and happier life.

Join me on my Voyage of Discovery. I don’t think it will be boring. Only you will be my judge.

David Michael – A Life Sailor and Navigator.