Parental Alienation – A Personal Introduction

Over the last few years I have attempted to follow the multiple definitions and analyses of Parental Alienation from the skilled global professionals and researchers who study this phenomenon. Each time I read another analysis or description of this severe mental illness I realize how much more is understood from the various research activities being undertaken world-wide.

But there are many people who start their journey towards Parental Alienation with little or no knowledge about this horrific experience.

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Dawn On My Journey Towards Parental Alienation

Before June 1988 I had no knowledge about the term Parental Alienation. I was not even aware of its presence in this world. It was an alien concept that had never entered my life or my consciousness.

In a few dramatic and traumatic weeks this all changed. My life would never recover from the evil and destructive tentacles of this severe mental illness. My Life Voyage was to be blighted and eroded for the next thirty years.

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