Parental Alienation Target – The Shaming Of A Once Proud Father

Across the world many stories abound about the destructive outcomes of Parental Alienation. Each story is unique, painful and unbelievable. Both to those people involved, or on the periphery, or even completely outside, of the family unit facing such sustained trauma.

In most cases the one abiding legacy emerges that a recently once loved supportive parent is dismissively cast aside by their offspring as well as the wider family or previous close friends. All because of a crumbling parental relationship. It is not only the embittered previous partner who relentlessly denigrates the ‘other half’ of a once loving family unit. It is the unexpected and unexplained rejection of the ‘targeted’ parent by their child or children.

One fact emerges from the fog of the family breakdown ‘conflict’. The remorseless and sustained emotional manipulation and brainwashing employed by the Alienator against their child or children is constant. To justify or underpin this unending brainwashing the Alienator seizes on any small indiscretion or failure, true or perceived, of the ‘target’ parent and negatively magnifies each event. Until, in the mind of the child, the once loved parent becomes a derided and hated figure. 

In all the expert analysis I have read over the years about Parental Alienation one perceptive insight, by a respected professional in the field of research, stays with me. This insight still haunts me to this day.

 Hatred is not a natural emotion of a child. To become part of a child’s nature, hatred has to be taught.

Any parent who teaches a child to hate, or fear, the other parent represents a grave and persistent danger to the mental and emotional health of that child. Even in this day and age, brainwashed and manipulated children of Parental Alienation are no less psychologically damaged than other child victims of extreme conflict. Other damaged children such as ‘child soldiers’ and ‘abducted minors’.

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Thrown Off The Cliff Into The Abyss Of Parental Alienation.

I was naive to believe that events could not get worse after those first few weeks following the 28th June 1988 destruction of my 25 year marriage. At the very beginning I failed to realize that my hellish journey towards the depths of Parental Alienation was a precursor to the true evil that was about to be unleashed on me.

In those first few weeks, after I moved from the Cotswolds to live in London, I tried so hard to overcome the barriers set up to deny my contact of my five children. Each day I phoned my former marital home on the chance that one of my children might pick up the call. For day after day the ring back was dead which signified that the Cottage phone had been unplugged by my ex-wife. Rarely I heard an engaged signal which meant someone was talking on the phone so I constantly redialed in case I could speak to that ‘someone’. But each time after an engaged tone the phone again went dead. Unplugged again from the BT network.

On a few occasions when my call got through it was picked up by my ex-wife who refused to let me speak to my children. It shocked me that her unwillingness to let me talk to my children was so strong. I was reminded of the many dark days in my 25 year marriage when she had angrily exploded over some minor occurrence and subsequently treated me with such abuse.

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