Photo of Author Alienated from Five Children

A Father Alienated For Thirty Years

A story of such pain and trauma. Throughout the years of Parental Alienation I have never given up hope that my five children one day will find their father again. A father who gave them life and who single handed provided for them throughout their formative years.

Sailor. Navigator. Mountaineer. Photographer. Athlete. A Parent Alienated and Abused. Life Explorer. Life Lover. Once upon a time a Loved Father. Occasionally a Loved, but unknown, Grand Father. At a great distance a Loved Great Grand Father.

Always striving to make the right choices in life ……. but many times falling by the wayside. Above all a proud Scottish Highlander. A simple man. A Gentleman. A Gentle Man. Still attempting to scale Life Challenging Peaks ……. and so often living life so close to the edge. Always willing to face the next trial or tribulation on such a wondrous Life Voyage. Unafraid to choose a new Life Direction whether it be a bend or fork or T junction on the challenging Life Path ahead. Creating and celebrating my Life Journeys by moving forward ……. for as long as God’s gift of life is granted to me.